Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fantastic Storybook Shoes by Sparkle With Steph

In my opinion, it's always appropriate to live a fantastic storybook life. Even now, a time where large lacy dresses are ostentatious, there are more modern ways to dress up as your favorite fairy tale character (Check out Disney Bound!) As all of us fairy tale lovers know, shoes can make or break an outfit. Take a look at these glamorous shoes by Sparkle with Steph on Etsy that would make dressing up so fun and easy.

Based on one of my favorite stories, these Snow White Heels are definitely an inspiration. They even have all the staple features of Snow White's traditional Disney costume, such as the bright red bow and yellow glitter. The shoes come in sizes 5-12 US. This includes half sizes (up to 9.5) and wide widths.

These elegant Rapunzel Heels are to die for. I love the colors she chose, the floral decorations, and the gold design on the heel, but above all I totally love the little towers on the top of each shoe. For adults this comes in sizes 5-13 (half sizes up to 9.5 and wides). These shoes also come in kids sizes, check it out!

Even though these Peter Pan Heels are very simple, they are so perfect for the role! I love that you can also have your heels customized in black instead of green to be Peter Pan's shadow. These also come in sizes 5-13 US (half sizes up to 9.5 and wides.) No kids sizes!

Here you can match Peter Pan with your Tinkerbell Inspired Flats. Another simple but very straight forward design. I love the puff on the tops of the flats - they are very cute! The rhinestones enhance the shape of the shoe.

Another great pair of shoes for the Peter Pan story are these Captain Hook Inspired Heels. This design is really awesome and I enjoy it a lot. I've always wanted to dress up as Captain Hook to be perfectly honest, but I just didn't know where to start. This is such a creative pair of shoes, it's inspired me to create my own modernized outfit.

Speaking of villains, these Sea Witch Shoes are really cool. I think that these shoes would be great for any day! It also would make dressing up as the sea witch pretty easy as the shoes take care of the tentacle part. These would be great for any Disney Bounders!

Of course we can't be underwater and not recognize these Mermaid Shoes! I am in love with the shell on the front of both shoes that seem to be handmade! The sizes are 5-13 including half sizes (up to 9.5) and wide widths. Remember, just pretend to be under the sea. These shoes would get ruined if they were soaked in water.

These Princess and the Frog Heels are one of my favorite princess shoes that is offered. The vines on the sides add a lot of character. The lily flower petals are absolutely stunning and are incredibly creative! The sizes for this pointed toe shoe are 5-12, including half sizes (up to 9.5) and wide widths.

These Lace Ombre Glitter Shoe Heels are not associated with any story in particular. They are very customizable and would do well to represent any princess or character shoe. They're so lacy and fun!

Finally, here are these gorgeous Snow Queen Heels. That color of blue is one of my favorite shades. I like how it is designed like the Princess and the Frog Heels and has parts of a snowflake sticking up from the front. There are also embellishments of snowflakes on the heel. Sizes come in 5-13, including half sizes (up to 9.5) and wide widths.

What would you wear with these heels? There are so many options! Look at other fantasy heels by Sparkle with Steph on Etsy! There is no limit to what you can do! Comment down below and let me know what you think.

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