Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cute Reversible Plush Fairytale Dolls

This adorable reversible Snow White plush doll was made in Belgium. She turns over to become a cheerful "wicked" queen.


The company, Lilliputiens, also makes a reversible Little Red Riding Hood that changes into a smiling grandmother. She's also available on eBay.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Laughing Elephant's New Alice in Wonderland Picture Book

This book is a reproduction of an Alice in Wonderland book that was drawn by Italian mid-century illustrator Libico Maraja.

It's a shape book meant for small children, but I think I'll store this exquisite new book carefully on a high shelf away from children's grubby little hands.

The Narnia Cookbook for Fantasy Themed Foods

"From Turkish Delight to Gooseberry Fool - Over 150 Recipes Inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia."

I absolutely have to have this in my cookbook collection. I throw a lot of fantasy and fairy tale themed parties, so I'm sure this will come in handy quite often.

Recipes include:

  • Breakfast with Trumpkin the Dwarf — Fire roasted pavenders
  • Tea with Tumnus the Faun-soft — Boiled eggs and sugar-dusted tea cake
  • Snack with the White Witch — Turkish Delight
  • Dinner with the Beavers — Fried trout and homemade sandwich bread
  • Dessert from Father Christmas — Plum pudding and Christmas biscuits