Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Furniture for Wicked Queens


Wicked Queen Illustration by Jennie Harbour

The Queen's Room, from Angela Barrett's Snow White Illustrations

The Wicked Queen Illustration by Trina Schart Hyman in "Snow White"



Think dark, gothic, twisted, spiky, ornate, baroque, Rococo, curvy, with spirals. Decorate with heavy black carved furniture, velvets, wood, silver, iron but no gold. Keep the lights low, and keep burning incense wafting through the home. Decadence and a bit of haughty dark eccentrism should prevail. Avoid cheesy skulls and dragons decor, go for regal elegance.



Glamour Boy Throne, at The French Bedroom Company

Royal Armchair, at Modani

Enzo Armchair, at Modani

Louis Black Armchair, at Modani

Royal Bench, at Modani

Blofield Black Chair, at The French Bedroom Company

Chesterfield Sofa, at Velvet

Vera Sofa, at Liv Chic

Stephanie Chair, at Haute House

Figeac Armchair, at FrenchTouchDeco

French Silver 2 Leaf Renaissance Chair, at The Furniture Market

French Noir Dressing Table Stool, at The Furniture Market

Port Chaise, at Horchow


French Gothic Iron Bed, at Victorian Trading Company

French Noir Carved Bed, at The Furniture Market

Moulin Noir Carved Bed, at Osborne and Brown

Letizia Bed, at Liv Chic

Gabriella Bed, at Liv Chic

New Orleans Bed, at Fine Iron Beds


Sassy Boo Black Console Table, at Dooley's Furniture

Philippe Black Dining Table, at Modani

Moulin Noir Dressing Table, at Osborne and Brown

Chairside Table, at Century Furniture

Armoires and Bookcases:

Sassy Boo Bookcase, at Dooley's Furniture

Moulin Noir Mirrored Armoire, at Osborne and Brown

Chandeliers and Lighting:

Mischief Chandelier, at A.F. Lighting

Spellbound Chandelier, at A.F. Lighting

Crystal Teardrop Lamp, at A.F. Lighting

Mystic Chandelier, at A.F. Lighting

Molten Chandelier, at The French Bedroom Company

Candle Holder, at Modani

Boudoir Feather Table Lamp, at Velvet

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