Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ozma's Magic Tent


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"Usually when Dorothy started on a journey of exploration or adventure, she carried with her a basket of food, and other things that a traveler in a strange country might require, but to go away with Ozma was quite a different thing, as experience had taught her. The fairy Ruler of Oz only needed her silver wand—tipped at one end with a great sparkling emerald—to provide through its magic all that they might need. Therefore Ozma, having halted with her companion and selected a smooth, grassy spot on the plain, waved her wand in graceful curves and chanted some mystic words in her sweet voice, and in an instant a handsome tent appeared before them. The canvas was striped purple and white, and from the center pole fluttered the royal banner of Oz."

Entertain Ozma-style in your backyard this summer. While it's extremely difficult to find a purple-and-white striped tent, there are many options out there for fanciful tents. You can always dress up a plain white tent with colored gauze, rugs, silks, and other fabrics to warm it up and color it beautifully.



Jaigarh Tent, at Taluka Tents

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Purple Striped Tent from Indian

Party Tent by Kirti Tents

Luxury Tent by Kirti Tents

Pavilion Tent, at Raj Tents

Pergola Tent, at Raj Tents

Medieval Marquee, at Panther Primitives

Pavilion, from Tentsmiths

Venezia Pavilion, at Z Gallerie

Cupola Tent, at Authentic Provence

Cappucina Pavilion Tent, at Authentic Provence


"For an hour Ozma told stories, and talked with Dorothy about various people in whom they were interested. And then it was bedtime, and they undressed and crept into their soft beds and fell asleep almost as soon as their heads touched their pillows."

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"Come, dear," said Ozma, taking Dorothy's hand, "I am hungry and I'm sure you must be also; so let us go in and have our feast."

On entering the tent they found a table set for two, with snowy linen, bright silver and sparkling glassware, a vase of roses in the center and many dishes of delicious food, some smoking hot, waiting to satisfy their hunger. Also, on either side of the tent were beds, with satin sheets, warm blankets and pillows filled with swansdown. There were chairs, too, and tall lamps that lighted the interior of the tent with a soft, rosy glow."

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