Monday, November 21, 2016

Storybook Shop of the Week: LaliBlue

I think you are going to love this fairytale shop! I have never seen anything like these before. We can now literally wear parts of our favorite stories. Check out these wooden storybook necklaces by LaliBlue on Etsy.

Even though I think this looks more like a fox, The Little Red Riding Hood necklace is so cute! The pop-up effects are absolutely gorgeous and bring the story to life! This is a good reminder to be wary of wandering the forest to grandma's house. Wolves are often nearby.

Cinderella is one of my favorite stories, and I so love her pumpkin carriage. This wooden Cinderella necklace is a great reminder that some dreams do come true! I am in love with the hearts edged into the wheels. True love can happen and you may find your Prince Charming!

Speaking of hearts, do you notice that the border around the Snow White necklace is a heart? It's a clever way of showing that this is the precursor to love's true kiss. I'm so glad she decided to use one of the most pivotal scenes in the story for the necklace.

Watch your step as you fall down the rabbit hole! You may stumble into Wonderland, but for people like us that would be a dream come true. I adore the carvings on the Victorian style mirror for this Alice in Wonderland necklace. You can see many elements of the story, such as the cards and pocket watch.

Lots of girls love the story of Belle. This Beauty and the Beast necklace is elegant. It's so unique that many people might stop at gawk at it as you walk by. I love how gentle Belle and the Beast look together. All the roses add to its beauty!

I can already feel the groovy music of the ocean! The The Little Mermaid necklace is rocking and rolling. I think it's cute that the wood is carved like a swim mask.

This is an awfully clever necklace. The craftsmanship of this Rapunzel necklace is pretty amazing. Originally I thought her hair was on top of the wood, but it looks like they carved a place for it! I definitely appreciate that the tower isn't one big chunk of wood. She looks so beautiful in her tower!

I feel like this is a classic that's a bit underrated. This Charlotte's Web necklace is very cool with the barn and the chicken's nest on top. I keep thinking that this necklace is really big! I love the design of Charlotte. She looks so welcoming, for a spider.

Is there a fairy tale that you particularly enjoy that is missing from this list? Comment down below and tell me what you think! There are so many options and I love them all. It would be hard to pick just one.