Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Wicked Queen's Evil Potions and Vials


Snow White illustration by Charles Santore

Snow White illustration by John Patience

Snow White illustration by J. L. Macias

Snow White illustration by Susan Jeffers

Snow White illustration by Trina Schart Hyman

Snow White illustration from 1974 Disney Golden Book edition

Snow White illustration by Nancy Eckholm Burkert

Second page of Snow White illustration by Nancy Eckholm Burkert


Decorate your kitchen and bedroom or bathroom vanity with magical, witchy looking vials, jars, containers, decanters and urns. Keep herbs, flours, spices and mysterious odd items in your kitchen jars; store cosmetics, home fragrance oils and perfumes in the containers you keep in the bathroom or bedroom. Present a mysterious air of darkness and witchiness to visitors to your elegant, yet slightly disturbing home.

Not just any container will do. They should be interesting, a dark color if possible, a different shape. Often it's difficult to find anything other than plain functional clear jars and vials in the shops. eBay of course is a great resource for odd and unusual antique glass containers.


Amber Apothecary Bottle, on Amazon

Claro Decanter, at Pottery Barn

Riedel Paloma Decanter, at The Conran Shop

Malo Decanter, at The Conran Shop

Adesso Carafe, at Crate and Barrel

Nola Decanter, at Crate and Barrel

Apothecary Bottles, on Amazon

Italian Black Glass Perfume Bottles, on Amazon

Cthulhu Amber Bottle, on Etsy

Deadly Herbs Bottles, on Etsy


Little Snow White, by the Brothers Grimm