Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Newly Published Children's Book: Let's Play Fairy Homes

I just picked up a copy of Let's Play Fairy Homes. It just came out last week.

This is exactly the kind of book my two year old niece enjoys. She likes to use her fingers to pry open windows and see the pictures behind them.

You can also slide panels at the end of some of the pages to see more fairy scenes.

The illustrations, by Yu-Hsuan Huang, are colorful and adorable. This board book, meant for babies under the age of three, has 12 pages.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Disney's Plush Princess Cuddle Pillows for Storybook Bedrooms

These Disney Princess pillows are perfect for completing the final touches on a Princess themed bedroom. Just tuck them in front of your princess pillows on a child's bed! I was wishing they had a Belle/Beauty and the Beast pillow too, but can't find one.

Cinderella Plush Pillow, on Amazon and on eBay

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Plush Cuddle Pillow on eBay and on Amazon

Tangled Rapunzel Cuddle Pillow, on Amazon and on eBay

Monday, July 13, 2015

Handmade Baba Yaga's Hut from Frivolous Forest

I wanted to show you this really neat Etsy shop: Frivolous Forest. The artist's name is Kate Turner. She sells handmade pieces of art based on the Baba Yaga fairy tales from Eastern Europe. At times, it seems Baba Yaga's house had chicken legs and walked around - creepy!

Here are some of the mixed media Baba Yaga Huts artworks from Frivolous Forest:

This one has a blue shutter, an orange shutter, and a pink shutter. Inside there's flooring, and lacy curtains.

This hut is made with birch bark, polymer clay, wool and cotton floss, and of course real chicken feathers.

The gingerbread candy house on chicken legs is my favorite!

This hut is made to look like a hexagonal log cabin.

Here's a creation quite different than the rest - a little diorama, where the hut stands amongst amanita mushrooms.

This witch's hut is made from birch bark and coffee dyed wool.

Aah, here's a nice menacing little black hut. I like the purple accents.


Baba Yaga at Sur la Lune Fairy Tales

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Darling Vintage Hornby Flower Fairies Dolls

In the early 1980s I was growing out of my doll phase, so never played with these charming Flower Fairies dolls by Hornby. They're based on the Flower Fairies images drawn by Cicely Mary Barker in the early 1900s.

The Narcissus fairy wears a pretty gown of orange and yellow.

The Almond Blossom Fairy wears a lovely gown of red and pink.

The Thistle Pixie comes in his own box still, and includes a watering can.

I love the purple (or is it navy?) vest on the Blackthorne Fairy.

This one is simply called the Princess Fairy. I love her green butterfly/moth wings!

The Harebell Fairy has blonde hair and wears a blue dress.

The Storks Bill Fairy has pink petals on her dress.

The Healing Fairy wears an apron over her lacy dress.

Here's the Strawberry Pixie boy fairy doll from 1983.

The Plantain Pixie is another boy fairy doll.

And here is the cute Secret Garden playset made in 1983 to accompany the dolls. It includes a fairy swing, a webbed hammock, and a Japanese bridge over a pond.

This 1980s era Flower Fairies Annual features poems and stories showing the original Flower Fairies, as well as photographs of the Hornby dolls arranged in dioramas.

Check out this snail-drawn carriage from 1983. How unusual!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Quirky Aladdin-Themed Collectibles

These vintage cufflinks are cute! They look more like a genial Ali Baba though than Aladdin, to me.

Ok, this porcelain figural head depicts a random Arabian figure, not the Storybook Aladdin. It's by a company called ALADIN, but I wanted to share it with you anyway because it looks so cool. It's an antique inkwell and pen rest from France. Love it!

This stunning gold teapot is shaped like Aladdin's lamp. I'm so tempted! It's from the 1950s.

I wonder what the history of this antique advertising genie is! I'd love to know what shop it graced, many years ago.

Here's a darling figural Aladdin and lamp salt and pepper shakers.


These decorative genie lamps have snakes on the handles! I love the faux gems that are embedded all over them.

Here's an intriguing Swiza clock shaped like Aladdin's lamp. It's been refurbished and repaired so it really works.

This poor antique Aladdin salt or pepper shaker has lost its mate!

This lovely handpainted porcelain Aladdin figurine stands just five inches tall.

This small Aladdin planter would hold only the tiniest of houseplants.

This darling Aladdin Christmas ornament was made in Russia.

Monday, March 30, 2015

IKEA's Soft Plush Gingerbread House Toy for Babies

This soft toy for babies is by IKEA. The Sagohus fairy tale house includes the gingerbread house, a cheerful looking witch, a soft Hansel and soft Gretel doll. The toys fold up into the house, which has a carrying handle.

The fairy tale soft playset is also sold on Amazon.

Saturday, March 21, 2015