Monday, July 13, 2015

Handmade Baba Yaga's Hut from Frivolous Forest

I wanted to show you this really neat Etsy shop: Frivolous Forest. The artist's name is Kate Turner. She sells handmade pieces of art based on the Baba Yaga fairy tales from Eastern Europe. At times, it seems Baba Yaga's house had chicken legs and walked around - creepy!

Here are some of the mixed media Baba Yaga Huts artworks from Frivolous Forest:

This one has a blue shutter, an orange shutter, and a pink shutter. Inside there's flooring, and lacy curtains.

This hut is made with birch bark, polymer clay, wool and cotton floss, and of course real chicken feathers.

The gingerbread candy house on chicken legs is my favorite!

This hut is made to look like a hexagonal log cabin.

Here's a creation quite different than the rest - a little diorama, where the hut stands amongst amanita mushrooms.

This witch's hut is made from birch bark and coffee dyed wool.

Aah, here's a nice menacing little black hut. I like the purple accents.


Baba Yaga at Sur la Lune Fairy Tales

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