Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lovely New Fairytale Books

Calla editions are special hardcover reproductions from Dover Publications. This version of Cinderella lovingly reproduces Arthur Rackham's original illustrations. One plate is in full color, nine are in three-color, and the rest are in black and white. For another look at Rackham's illustrations for Cinderella, see this blog entry.

The Calla edition of Sleeping Beauty with Arthur Rackham's illustrations will be available in March 2013.

Also see this exquisite Arthur Rackham Sleeping Beauty edition by Seattle-area publisher Laughing Elephant.

The Calla edition of Twelve Dancing Princesses came out in September. It features the art of my very favorite children's illustrator, Kay Nielsen.

Ruth Sanderson draws lavishly detailed, lush oil paintings which are then turned into children's fairy tale book illustrations. Her newest book, Rose Red and Snow White comes out in just a couple of weeks.

Check out the phenomenal paper sculptures in The Fairy-Tale Princess. The castle on the cover is stunning, and wait til you see the paper wedding cake and paper forest depicted within!

I absolutely have to add this Sleeping Beauty pop-up book to my collection. (I collect both fairy tales and pop-up books, so when I see both in the same package, I get pretty excited!) It's been so popular, it's already out of stock on Amazon.

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