Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dressing the Snow Queen


The Snow Queen, by Erroll Le Cain

"A few snow-flakes were falling, and one, the largest of all, remained lying on the edge of a flower-pot. The flake of snow grew larger and larger; and at last it was like a young lady, dressed in the finest white gauze, made of a million little flakes like stars. She was so beautiful and delicate, but she was of ice, of dazzling, sparkling ice; yet she lived; her eyes gazed fixedly, like two stars; but there was neither quiet nor repose in them. She nodded towards the window, and beckoned with her hand..."

The Snow Queen, by H.J. Ford

"The snow-flakes grew larger and larger, till at last they looked just like great white fowls. Suddenly they flew on one side; the large sledge stopped, and the person who drove rose up. It was a lady; her cloak and cap were of snow. She was tall and of slender figure, and of a dazzling whiteness. It was the Snow Queen..."

The Snow Queen, by Margaret Tarrant

The Snow Queen, by Edmund Dulac


Not just any pretty crystal or platinum tiara will do. For the Snow Queen, it must be jagged, spiky, or snowflake shaped.

Bridal Snowflake Tiara, on Amazon

Snow Queene Tiara, by FaerySpell Creations, on Etsy

Harry Winston "Diamond de Neige" Snowflake Tiara


Elie Saab Spring 2011 Couture Collection (via A Spot of Whimsy)


Suppose the Snow Queen carries a handbag - what does she keep in it? Candy for little boys? Chapstick for her wintry dry lips?

Jimmy Choo "Tube" Clutch in Snakeskin

Jimmy Choo "Tube" Clutch


Spike Pendant, for a modern Snow Queen, at Eddie Borgo

Winter Solstice Earrings, by Samantha Wills

Diamond South Sea Pearl Earrings, by Jeri Cohen Jewelry

Snowflake Pendant, at The Noble Collection

Snowflake Pendants and Earrings, at Heavenly Treasures

Feather Bracelet, by Harry Winston

Harry Winston Emerald Cut Ear Studs

Rock Crystal Bracelet, at Erstwhile Jewelry


"Juleva" Sandals, at Bloomingdale's

Christian Louboutin Maralle Boot Fishnet

Christian Louboutin Pigalili Potpourri Pumps

Christian Louboutin Very Mix Peep Toe Pumps

Pleaser Silver Sequin Pumps, on Amazon

Martinez Valero Women's Silver Whisper Pump, on Amazon

Furry Knee Lace Up Winter Boots, on Amazon

Mukluks Soft Furry Pom-Pom Boots, on Amazon

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