Monday, June 27, 2016

Gorgeous New Storybook-Themed Color the Classics Adult Coloring Books

I honestly never thought I would get sucked into this adult coloring book fad. Unfortunately the art of Jae-Eun Lee reeled me in and I'm trapped. All of these stunning storybook classic coloring books are worth taking a look at. If you're a fairy tale fan like myself, this is a very relaxing and fun activity! The illustrations are not only amazing, but fairly unique. Seeing Wonderland in this artist's eyes is such a different experience than anything I've ever experienced before.

Here's a few snippets of these books. Maybe one of your favorite stories will be listed too!

This Alice in Wonderland coloring book was the first one I picked up. I like how you are basically following the story and coloring in all the details. With this coloring book in particular there's a lot of white space. There are definitely guides, but it doesn't strain your creativity. I could read this story over and over again. It's one of my favorites. The illustrations are gorgeous and super fun, just like Wonderland!

I want to get my hands on this Wizard of Oz coloring book! I think the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion are very cute in this book. Even Dorothy is really adorable! Traveling through Oz in the artist's eyes I have a feeling would be really fun. I really like the scene with the hot air balloons. There are so many vibrant ways to color them!

This is a story that a lot of people misinterpret (thanks Frozen!) I was actually floored by the illustrations in The Snow Queen coloring book. My favorite has to be how she portrays the Snow Queen. That headdress with the beads hanging down is just stunning and inspiring. This would be a fun coloring book to do, especially if you're into the real Hans Christian Andersen tale. Clearly this is a perfect book for wintertime.

This Beauty and the Beast coloring book was almost the one I picked up first. I've never seen a Beast that looked so, pretty, actually. I personally don't find him "beastly" like in a scary way. Clearly he's not human, but he looks so gentle on the cover. The artwork inside is amazing too, don't you agree? The whole scene is set with every page almost as if you are there. I just want to color the scene where Beauty and Beast dance together.

I have to admit, this isn't my favorite story on the list. Even so, I think that this Anne of Green Gables coloring book is fantastic. Even browsing some of the pages, I notice that I am already being sucked into the book. I do think the picture posted of her walking would be a great one to color in. Especially her bright red hair! There's no doubt you can do a lot with this book.

Let your imagination flow by coloring in the pages to these beautiful stories. Bring them to life and have fun with it! Admittedly, it is a very cathartic activity. I would have never known unless I gave it a try. Which book do you like the most? Or is there a story you wish the artist Jae-Eun Lee would recreate in her style? Take a look at all the storybook classic coloring books on Amazon and comment down below. I'm always interested in what you think!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Fable Bedworks' Fantastic Luxury Fantasy Beds for Kids

Kids are always in need of creative inspiration. Not that they don't get enough, but it's always a good thing to indulge them. The best place to drive their creative outlet is while dreaming! Instead of imagining that they are falling asleep in a castle, we can make it a reality!

Check out these really adorable luxury fantasy beds for kids by Fable Bedworks.

I don't know any little boy who hasn't wanted to be a Knight! This Dragon-Slayer Stronghold bed is a great way to light up his imagination. I could even see getting some nerf swords for him so he can pretend battle dragons in his room. Make sure to "raise the bridge" during the day, then he can lower it himself like a true Knight for bedtime.

Shoot for the stars in this Deep Space Defender bed! This is such a fun way to encourage little astronauts. What I love most is that it works more than just a place to sleep. There are shelves on each "engine pod tower" that you can close and open! This makes storing toys, games, or clothes super easy. The lights in the ship make nighttime easy for kids who are easily scared. Not only that, but it you really feel like you're in space when you lay in your pod!

We all have little girls who know they're princesses in our hearts. With this Penny's Palace bed you can really set the mood for royalty. The beautiful chandeliers and lamps with gems glow a vibrant pink color. Read about your favorite princesses while you gaze at the castle in the distance. I do wish they didn't separate you from the castle, now it's more like being Rapunzel over being Sleeping Beauty. It does look like a view to Versailles with the garden in the background.

I want to see more beds like this, don't you? I hate to admit it, but it would be cool to see something for adults! What do you think of Fable Bedworks' luxury fantasy beds for kids? This is a fun way to begin decorating your kids' rooms. Make their dreams come true! Comment down below!

Lavish New Beauty and the Beast Fairytale Book

My favorite fairytale artist, Kinuko Craft, has a new fairytale book out: Beauty and the Beast. I am so excited! The book comes out July 26. I've already pre-ordered mine.

Her past books have featured gorgeous, lavish, intricate illustrations. So far my favorite has been her Twelve Dancing Princesses book. I love her furnishings and fashions - I'd love to decorate my home to look like one of her paintings, and wear gowns she's designed! Jewelry too.

I probably won't be able to resist buying myself this 2017 Beauty and the Beast wall calendar by Kinuko Craft too! Maybe I can frame the lovely images after each month is up.