Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Newly Published Children's Book: Let's Play Fairy Homes

I just picked up a copy of Let's Play Fairy Homes. It just came out last week.

This is exactly the kind of book my two year old niece enjoys. She likes to use her fingers to pry open windows and see the pictures behind them.

You can also slide panels at the end of some of the pages to see more fairy scenes.

The illustrations, by Yu-Hsuan Huang, are colorful and adorable. This board book, meant for babies under the age of three, has 12 pages.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Disney's Plush Princess Cuddle Pillows for Storybook Bedrooms

These Disney Princess pillows are perfect for completing the final touches on a Princess themed bedroom. Just tuck them in front of your princess pillows on a child's bed! I was wishing they had a Belle/Beauty and the Beast pillow too, but can't find one.

Cinderella Plush Pillow, on Amazon and on eBay

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Plush Cuddle Pillow on eBay and on Amazon

Tangled Rapunzel Cuddle Pillow, on Amazon and on eBay